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Villeneuve - Picnic

To celebrate the 3rd annual International Freedom in Education Day, on
Tuesday 15th September, we'll be at the park in Villeneuve from 12 noon
through the afternoon. We'll bring some fruit, chips, biscuits, water and
juice to share. It's a large park with trees to climb, lots of room for
running around or kicking a ball, a large sand pit and it's completely

Here are the directions from the Villeneuve train station to the park (it's
just a short walk along the lake to get there):

From the station you head directly to the lake (which, when standing in
front of the train station, is straight ahead). Stay to the left of the
station (where the coop is) so you can cross at the light (for some reason
the other side of the intersection doesn't have a pedestrian crossing). Now
you are right in front of the CGN dock.

Turn left, heading towards the port. As you get to the end of the open park
area you'll see lots of hedges (which surround the playground)- -turn left
on the path and head toward the little yellow building (WC) and the entrance
to the playground park is right on the other side of the WC building.

There is also a mini-golf just across from the park if anyone's interested.
There is a large parking area right near the park. If you are coming from
Lausanne (on the lake road) the parking lot is just as you are leaving
Villeneuve, on the right. If you pass the small traffic light (NOT the
intersection near the coop) you've just passed the parking area, which is
near the camping grounds next to the river (Eau-Froide) .

If you're coming off the highway turn towards Villeneuve and then as you
enter the town, after passing the Shell gas station on the left and the
pedestrian light, you turn left into the parking lot.

We look very forward to seeing you there!!

Creation date : 05/09/2008 @ 15:53
Last update : 09/09/2009 @ 11:19
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