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Dear Friends,


A one day education conference, 'Learning Without Limits: a celebration of choice, diversity and freedom in education', is to be held in Arbroath, Angus, on Friday 12th September 2008.

Confirmed keynote speakers include John Taylor Gatto from New York, one of the world's most powerful and persuasive proponents of educational reform, who will challenge many long held beliefs about modern schooling.

Also speaking will be Iain Nisbet, Head of the Education Law Unit of Glasgow's Govan Law Centre, who will focus on the rights of children and young people in the Scottish school system. The programme will include workshops and panel sessions, as well as plenty of informal networking opportunities.


Organised by Scotland's national home education support organisation, Schoolhouse, and timed to coincide with International Freedom in Education Day, the event is expected to attract delegates from across the UK and Europe who share an interest in home education, personalised learning, children’s rights and parental involvement in education. You will find more details and a booking form on our website: http://www.schoolhouse.org.uk/ conference/index.html.


The conference will focus on the broad theme of freeing education from the constraints of traditional schooling and will present a unique opportunity for professionals in the public, private and voluntary sectors to engage in discussion and debate with parents and young people as 'consumers' of education services.

It is aimed at all those with an interest in educational rights and freedoms, including policy makers, formal and informal educators, youth and community workers, children's reporters, representatives from children's and family support organisations, parents, academics, researchers and learners aged 12 and over.


Some advance informations are available in the "Downloads" area. I hope you will add it to your calendar of events and publicise it.


Please contact me if you require any more details.


Best wishes


Alison Alison Preuss Convener & Press Officer Schoolhouse Home Education Association T: 01307 463120

E: media[at]schoolhouse.org.uk

W: www.schoolhouse.org.uk Learning Without Limits: a celebration of choice, diversity and freedom in education Arbroath, Angus, 12-14 September 2008 Special guest: John Taylor Gatto


Booking details available from


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