Sentence to think about :  'Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children'.
   ( Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, Article 26.3 )

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En franais : JIPLI
Journe Internationale Pour la Libert de l'Instruction




In English : IFED
International Freedom in Education Day







In Deutsch : ITdBF
Internationaler Tag der Bildungs-Freiheit




I Sverige : IDFU
Internationella Dagen fr Frihet i Utbildning


En Catal : JILLE
Jornada Internacional per la Llibertat d'Educaci


En Espaol : DILE
Dia Internacional de la Libertad de Educacin




Em Portugus :DILE
Dia Internacional da Liberdade na Educao


Po polsku : MDWE
Midzynarodowy Dzie Wolnosci w Edukacji


In Italiano : GILI
Giornata Internazionale per la Libert dell' Istruzione



In Dutch : IDVO
Internationale Dag voor de Vrijheid in Onderwijs


In Esperanto: ITLI
Internacia Tago por la Liberaco de la Instruado


In Russian: MSVO
Mezhdunarodnyi den`Svobody v obrazovanii


In Japanese: KJNH
Kyouiku no Jiyu no Hi


In Bulgarian: MДCO


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in your language?

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review - the second IFED

International Freedom in Education Day (IFED)

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Journe Internationale Pour la Libert de l'Instruction (JIPLI)

Dear Home-educating Friends and Supporters of Freedom in Education,

A 2nd International Freedom in Education Day (IFED) will take place on Monday, September 15th, 2008.

The aim is to promote the idea of the importance of free choice in education, and to spread information about the alternative ways of learning that are available, or are being fought for in various countries.

The focus will be on Home Education, but we also welcome alternative and free schools to take part in this global event.

The interest is increasing in Europe and internationally. Events related to IFED may take place throughout the whole month of September. Still, on September the 15th, we plan to have many events celebrating Freedom in Education simultaneously in many countries all over the world.

We hope to celebrate freedom in education with activities for children as for example an 'Education wish tree' where children tell us about how they would like to be educated and other friendly activities.


In Scotland, a conference and weekend meeting is scheduled from Friday to Sunday, 12-14 September 2008, with special guest John Taylor Gatto. To learn more about the conference and meeting please visit the site promoting Learning Without Limits: a Celebration of Choice, Diversity and Freedom in Education.

In France, several events in different regions and towns will take place, for more details please contact us - jipli at (remove spaces).

In Austria, Vienna, an evening event on September 15th, will be dedicated for a discussion of Freedom in Education, and the practice of home education and unschooling.

In Sweden, Stockholm, a demonstration for the right to home educate is organised.

In Switzerland, home educators and their friends and supporters are gathering for a Not Back to School Picnic in Basel on Saturday, September 20th.

In Germany, a gathering and picnic will be organised in Mannheim on Sunday, 14th September, and another event dedicated to spread information to the public will take place in Stuttgart on Saturday, 20th September.

For further information please visit the national pages.


On this website for the Freedom in Education Day, we will publish all information and/or links to events on or around the 15th of September (conferences, gatherings, education fairs, etc.), where ever they may take place and in whatever language, so please send us your projected events.

We will also post links to other websites and announcements in other countries. If your native language is not English, French, German, Italian or Spanish, please send us a short English description and in your native language, of your event that you would like placed on the website.

So please tell us about your planned events, no matter how small it may seem! We'll be great in numbers!

Contact JIPLI - jipli at (remove spaces)

Please do not hesitate to spread the information about the IFED as far as possible. We want to reach all corners of the earth!

Sincerely yours,

IFED preparation team

P. S.:
Please tell us how you call "Freedom in Education Day" in your native language! We will add on our website all the translations that you send to us.


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